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Village sketches courtesy of Roger Kammerer

To contact East Carolina Village of Yesteryear:
E-mail the President   Joanne Honeycutt
E-mail the Secretary  Rosemary Toumey
E-mail regarding web site Karen Nethercutt

The postal mailing address:  
East Carolina Village of Yesteryear
Post Office Box 2740
Greenville, NC  27836-0740
Thanks to the County Commissioners,
generous donors, and volunteers,
Pitt County citizens and people from all
over the United States can
appreciate seeing and learning about the
history of an important
agricultural area.
                                 THE MISSION:

    The mission of the East Carolina Village of
    Yesteryear is to preserve and interpret
    architectural and agricultural life in Pitt
    County and eastern North Carolina from
    1840 to 1940.  The Village engages and
    inspires people of all ages to nurture deep
    and long-lasting connections to another time
    in the history of Pitt County.  Through its
    historic buildings, its thousands of farm
    artifacts, and its integrated programs, the
    Village is committed to being a vital partner
    in the educational and cultural life of residents
    in not only Pitt County but the State of North
Welcome to the Village of Yesteryear!
As the Village moves toward opening in the
Spring 2011, check back often to see the latest
Play Golf in the
2nd Annual Village Classic
September 9, 201
Brook Valley County Club

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